Punjab government published article on Nawaz Sharif in social studies school text books.

After using millions of public money on self promotion, on schemes promoting PMLN leadership, now Punjab government adds self praising articles on Nawaz Sharifs in the school text books. We request PTI president Punjab Mr. Ejaz Ch. to take serious action on this and take this matter to court. PTI must act to stop the massive misuse of government powers.
Most of PMLN self proclaimed achievements are nothing but lies. Every project has a scam and PMLN is responsible for corrupting Pakistani departments & institutes. Money laundering, commissions, selling government jobs are a part of routine work for govs ruling Pakistan from decades.

The reality is no one audited and held accountable the governments of PPPP and PMLN from so many years to this date. Often both these parties blame each other for corruption, and have number of pending cases in courts, NAB, FIA etc. but no results and progress on them.