The man in the middle has symbolically become the new leader of Pakistan. There are concerns by the Gulf nations and India regarding China’s indirect takeover of Pakistan.

The Gulf Nations could bribe Pakistan’s political leadership, but they can not mess with China, now that Gwadar is under China’s management. Now that China controls Gwadar, it will not have to go through Dubai. Why fly through a different port when you have your own port? China’s emergence as a player in the region is going to make the Gulf nations nervous. The Foreign Minister from UAE will regret his statements.

The Chinese President is known for his anti-corruption efforts in China. It will not be business as usual for Pakistan’s politicians in a major level. Imran Khan often has said that people will be coming to Pakistan for jobs.

I don’t think even Imran Khan realized how many people will be coming to Pakistan for jobs in the years ahead. This is bad news for Balochi nationalists, Sindh nationalists, and other nationalists. As far as Nawaz Sharif, he is known for big projects. However, he will be accountable to the Chinese leadership. It will not be the same anymore for the political leadership.

In the years ahead, China will not only start to influence the economic policy of Pakistan, but also the foreign policy, domestic policy, law and order, etc.

The pragmatic vision and expansion didn’t happen over night, it was years of planning and execution. The Chinese President also met with the opposition politicians. His goal is to have peaceful relations with all parties. As far as Imran Khan, he needs to pressure that all of Pakistan will benefit from this.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is now a reality. The Naya Pakistan is coming, and not in the way that we expected it to come. The future for Pakistan is bright. Miracles happen in mysterious ways.

Article by Munzir Naqvi