Is It Oil?

Poor Education in PakistanFor any nation in the world, the most valuable resource is the ‘Human Resource’. Take India’s example; it drove a huge chunk of its population into IT and today it has become stronger than the Silicon Valley itself. Chinese people are China’s competitive advantage. Korea and Singapore do not have natural resources like crude oil still they are prospering economically. How? Through the power of human resource!

Education is Compulsory

Educated human resource is the key to a prospering economic development. Education stimulates your brain and accelerates the thinking process to enhance your knowledge. It creates mature and disciplined people who can analyze and make a decision.

2000 years ago Jews defined literate as one who can add, subtract, multiply and divide. In 2012, Pakistan defines literate as “One who can read newspaper and write a simple letter in any language.”[i] This is where the ruinous story of our country’s human resource starts.

Pakistanis Facing a Serious Education Crisis

For a country of more than 180 million people, Pakistan has only 85 universities with approved charters, of which only 8 in the public sector and 18 in the private sector are degree awarding institutions. There are approximately 175,000 Government schools in Pakistan that offer substandard education, inadequate teachers, facilities and materials[ii]. Private institutes, with costly fee structure, dominate the education system. Poor has little or no access to making any professional future.

Work or Beg?

While countries like UAE and India work on a model where they put ‘People to Work’, Pakistan is comfortably numb with putting ‘People to Beg’. With fiasco education policy, the country is transforming its advantage into a disadvantage.

PTI giving Education due Importance

PTI is the only political party in Pakistan that is determined to launch a national education movement based on equality to achieve increased access and improved quality of education at all levels. Following are some of the clauses of PTI in this regard[iii];


  1.  Abolish educational apartheid by introducing a common core syllabus for all schools
  2. Launch a national literacy campaign by mobilizing all segments of society including, fresh graduates, unemployed youth and retired educationists to achieve 80 percent functional literacy
  3. Progressively increase state spending on education from less than 2.2% to 5% of GDP
  4. Lay emphasis on teacher training by setting up standard facilities in all districts to ensure the availability of sufficient number of local teachers in each district
  5. Create an autonomous monitoring authority to check and provide feedback on the quality of education at all levels


PTI Chairman Imran KhanPTI Chairman Imran Khan mentioned it on number of occasions that,

PTI government will declare emergency on education sector and replace the failed system

PTI recognizes the worth of Pakistan’s most valuable asset and therefore is determined to implement the most practical and achievable human resource policy.

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