PTI Chairman Imran Khan today expressed shock at the silence of PM Nawaz Sharif over the hate-filled speech of Altaf Hussain, Chief of MQM, effectively inciting his followers to carrying arms and indulging in violence. He said it was unfortunate that the PM was so busy rushing around showing concern for another country’s security when his own country was in flames, especially the financial metropolis of Karachi.

Khan stated that when the APC called for the National Action Plan against terrorism and specifically stated one of the aims being disarming all militant groups and wings, why was the government not acting against the militant wings of political parties like MQM? He said it was inexplicable that when a police officer SSP Rao Anwar points out to the dangerous activities of MQM including violence, instead of acting on the evidence, the officer is immediately removed. Worse still, a DSP, Fateh Mohammed, and other police personnel are murdered in a targeted attack the morning after Rao Anwar’s press conference and the government has maintained a bizarre silence. Why hasn’t action been taken on the evidence revealed by SSP Anwar yesterday? Instead of removing SSP Anwar the evidence and the warning provided should have been acted upon by the Sindh and federal governments. But the Sindh government in an act of sheer cowardice simply disowned the SSP.

Khan said it was shameful indeed how all media laws of PEMRA are allowed to be violated when a British citizen gives hate speeches to a captive audience in Karachi from London and incites them to violence against the state. Khan said the silence from the government following British citizen Altaf Hussain’s attack on the Pakistan Army is inexplicable as it is the job of the government to defend all state institutions. Why was the ISPR DG compelled to respond to UK citizen Altaf Hussain’s hysterical, but not new, outburst against the institution of the Pakistan Army? Why has the government not taken up this issue with the British government since it is against British laws for anyone, including its own citizens, to use British territory to incite hatred and violence in another country?

Khan said it was imperative that the National Action Plan be implemented against all militant groups and militant wings of political parties. It was also time the Prime Minister look to the country’s security and well being before rushing off to provide succour to other countries.

Source: Usman Dar Facebook