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Tickets do not matter but you do!

Some of the pioneer PTI leaders have been denied tickets in the upcoming elections. But we want to remind them that being an MNA or MPA does not matter and their efforts and struggle for PTI will always be superior.

Just like Ali Muhammad Khan said that he doesn’t care if he gets a ticket or not he will always support Imran Khan for a better Pakistan.

This is the spirit we need from all PTI workers, members and supporters. We are not here for our personal gains or exposure but we are here to help Imran Khan change Pakistan. Ofcourse it must have not been an easy decision awarding tickets. Multiple aspects must have been discussed and we suggest everyone to cool down and support the party.

At the same time we want our original PTI leaders to keep this in mind that Insafians stand beside them and we are sure you will get your fair chance to work for the party in many different areas. There will be by-elections and then senate elections. Specially educated people like Walid Iqbal should be placed in the senate rather than fighting PMLN thugs in the general elections. Also would like to talk about another PTI star from Lahore Aatif Chaudhry who surrendered his British nationality to contest in 2013 elections and have been working actively for the party from a long time. I am sure people would leave Pakistan for British Nationality but Aatif did the opposite so nothing can devalue his efforts for PTI.

Let’s get to work for the elections as it’s not going to be an easy battle – prepare yourself for it and your friends and let’s not waste this chance. PTI is in the perfect position to win the next polls and Pakistan badly needs it. No matter what the party decision is, who the candidate is, everyone needs to gear up and support BAT in their constituencies.

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