Imran Khan makes the nation proud once again!

Recently, Times Magazine started its online survey to determine the 100 most influential people in 2012. The only Pakistani politician to make into that list is former cricketer, philanthropist, and the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan. This in itself should be a moment of pride for all Pakistanis whether they support PTI or not. Our patriotism for our country should be above politics, religion, ethnicity or language. Another motivating factor for Pakistanis with reference to this online survey is that with the presence of the whole world’s celebrities in the list, Imran Khan has managed to be the fifth from top on this list of 100 most influential people in 2012. This is the power of Pakistanis united and I’m assuming here that all Pakistanis voted for Imran Khan notwithstanding their political inclinations.

Can we expect fair play from our political opponents?

Not really! It was not surprising to observe some Pakistanis who are against PTI asking Indians to vote against Imran Khan in the poll. We are saying this with evidence as shown in the attached snapshot.

Please note that we do not condone the language used in the snapshot, the purpose of using the image was to show the extent to which some people can go to malign and oppose their political opponents that they ask for help from enemies of the state and from those who supported the murder of thousands of Indian Muslims in Gujarat

Modi getting to top ranking from the bottom with unfair means

Still loosing it by getting more negative votes than positive

Moreover, it was alleged by Congressmen from the Indian state of Gujarat that Narendra Modi is using his status as Chief Minister of Gujarat to send hundreds of emails to the Indian public asking them to vote for him in the Times poll. Additionally, there are reports that Modi used multiple call centers in India to get himself at the top of the poll. Congressmen accused him of manipulating the poll and the public for his own promotion. In retaliation to this manipulation, Anonymous, an unknown group of hackers have hacked the polls and have voted themselves to be on the top position now.

Poll Results


Interesting Math

If we subtract number of NO votes from Yes Votes of the top candidates, the result will be as following:

  1. Erik Martin 214743
  2. Narendra Modi -9892 (TOTAL FAILURE)
  3. Asghar Farhadi 117426
  4. Imran Khan 90683

We are happy Imran Khan was in the list and got public votes

Despite all the negativity, Imran Khan is on the fifth number in the list which is a big accomplishment and a moment of pride for all Pakistanis. Imran Khan seems to be more popular than US President Barack Obama, Pakistan Army Chief, Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani and many more international celebrities. Thank you, Imran Khan, you have made Pakistan proud again!