Figure Out Your Budget

Talk to the PTI officials to see what extent they will provide financial assistance. Determine what you’ll be able to contribute out of your own pocket


Find a Capable Core of Individuals to Build Your Campaign Around/Organize and Motivate Volunteers

Don’t relay only on TABDEELI RAZAKAR and help your self. Make a team likely to consist of people like a local fundraising director, a public relation director, and a local media campaign director, inquiry cell director… etc.

Research Issues in the Constituency You’re running in and Brainstorm with your Core

Issues can be local or national but make sure they are the burning issues, which can draw public attention. Collect voter’s data from your constituency as well.

Research Your Opponents

Not about their personal life but their failures in the past when they were in the government.

Get Access to PTI Database

Choose an Imran Khan’s message, PTI logo, election symbol and a simple, memorable but heart catching campaign slogan.

Generate campaign literature

Like flow chart/comparison table with PTI background pic and election symbol (promises fulfilled by Imran khan and unfulfilled by PPP, PMLN and JUI…etc., it depends which party is strong in your constituency), about tickets issue, elections in the party, their stance on complex issues of Pakistan, achievements before joining politics, their assets declaration, corruption… etc.

Generate hand outs

about Imran khan’s famous and heart catchy statements, candidate’s introduction, election symbol, PTI manifesto and an inquiry number (to call in case of any ambiguity about PTI or local candidate or Imran khan)…. etc.

Develop additional graphics, posters, print materials… etc.

Hand outs should be available

at your local office, distribute door to door with news papers, keep at local supporter’s shop, offices…. etc.

Distribute PTI flags

to your local supporter’s shops, offices homes… etc.

Distribute PTI stickers

for motor cycles and all other vehicles

Distribute shopping bags

with PTI slogan and election symbol to all the local shops in your area.

Distribute PTI songs cassette or disk

to all the local shops, make them available at your offices.

Distribute PTI manifesto

in your constituency (shops, offices, homes)

Set a help desk

inquiry desk for people of your constituency regarding any inquiry about election, how to cast vote, any question about PTI or local candidate…etc.

Arrange small corner meetings

in each union and display a multimedia screen videos to show your opponent’s party performance, their contrary views about different issues, their promises, corruption and encourage people to ask question and think logically

Send your political activities news/videos for maximum media coverage to PTI social media team.

Don’t abuse supporters of any other party

Make them calm, ask about their reasons of disliking PTI or of liking other party and convince them accordingly by giving logical answers.

Show your presence everywhere in your constituency to give a psychological defeat

to your opponent initially and once you’ll have done it then it will be a beginning of your success (To built a NAYA PAKISTAN INSHALLAH).

Allah App Ka Hami o Nasir HO!