About a month ago I was searching different videos on Imran Khan because I wanted to know that how much is Imran Khan known internationally even though I knew that he is the most popular and respectable politician of Pakistan who is known by his great personality. While searching different videos I found a video in which Imran Khan was giving answers to the questions which were asked by the students of some Indian University. When it got finished I stared reading the comments which were written below the video. I was shocked by reading one of the comment. Some Pakistani guy who lived in London wrote that one day he was sitting in a cafe with two of his white friends. His friends asked him that which politician does he support ? He answered with pride Imran Khan and his party .You know what was the reaction of his friends ? They laughed and said that “ You Pakistanis are not even eligible for the person like Imran Khan. Give him to us we think that he will make our country way more better than it is now “. I was really very shocked reading it and then for a moment I thought if that’s so than why the hell our people do not elect a true leader? Why do they get their votes sold out for just some money which other parties give the poor people and make them fool that they give them relief even though the people just know that it’s just temporary relief and for at least four and a half year. I am saying four and half year because some months before the elections they start this process again and our innocent people get fooled by them. Well, what can I say ? What I can only do is pray for good for Pakistan from Almighty Allah. In the end I would like to say that never have your hopes down Pakistanis there is still a hope left which is alive and do not ever get disappointed from Allah.

Pakistan Zindabaad!

Ramsha Gulzar