On 20th May access to Twitter website from Pakistan was blocked by PTA. The reason provided was that Twitter authorities did not reply to the government of Pakistan’s request to take action against blasphemous material on Twitter.

On the other side Pakistani Twitter Community thinks that gov is trying to block twitter in order to hide the embarrassing Twitter Trends. For every government action a strong twitter trends show up and provide instant feedback on latest events. Somehow Facebook lacks this functionality, they don’t have any such features which can show a list of most discussed topics in Real Time.

Right now the 3 most trending twitter topics are:

The ban was removed by the government after a few hours. During this time Rehman Malik shared his excellence on Twitter. All of his tweets will be too much for our dear readers, so I am just sharing a couple.


It is highly sensitive issue and those who are making such un Islamic material which is hurting the feelings of Muslims

His tweet after the ban was lifted.

Dear All yes I spoke to PM and informed how people are feeling about it.PM ordered to reopen the twitter.I also spoke to Raja pervez abt it

It was another as usual strange step from the government. Trying to uphold Islamic values while being partner in the biggest Muslim bloodshed of 21st century. They don’t match at all. I don’t think Islam gives immunity to the President of any state for all his actions good or bad. You Mr. Zardari along with all your cabinet including the former puppet President Musharaf are accountable for all the deaths of innocent people. No religion and law allows anyone to be executed even before an investigation and proof of the crime. The WAR of TERROR gives this freedom to the governments to execute anyone and spread fear and accomplish their evil plans. Even Americans are protesting against NATO and calling it a WAR MACHINE.

Dr. Arif Alvi Stated on Facebook about Twitter Ban

Twitter ban and earlier Facebook ban touch on a very sensitive issue of Tauheen-e-Risalat which is not acceptable in any form as our feelings get hurt. I still feel that the ban actually does not work (that is why the ban is lifted without any promises) so why not use these instruments to counter the blasphemy and propaganda. We must show our anger through them rather than closing our eyes and ears. Blasphemy is unacceptable and the West must be made to realize that it hurts us emotionally.