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14th August 2014 is an unforgettable day in our lives. The Azadi March started despite all the government pressure at 2:00 PM from Zaman Park Lahore. Containers were blocking roads, many PTI workers were arrested, government equipped the police with rubber bullets and much more. Everyone knew they are risking their lives by participating in the Azadi March. Even then a large number of people showed up at Zaman Park on the independence day to take back our country from the corrupt, dishonest and killers.

We had no experience of a long march before of this capacity and it surprised us when it took more than 10 hours to just pass from Mall Road Lahore. People greeted Imran Khan, gave us their best wishes, and were praying for the success of justice in Pakistan.

It took around 44 hours for Azadi March to reach Islamabad and the first two days were a test for the party when it rained heavily but we stood there for the future of the country. Although the protest is still continuing and some of us are back home and participating in the protests in our respective cities. But our hearts and souls are still with Imran Khan. We are committed to change the old corrupt methods of governing Pakistan. The motive and passion behind the movement is to bring the powerful under the law and hold them accountable for all what they have done to this poor nation and made themselves rich.