Tahir MalikA young boy Tahir Malik 23 years old was killed brutally today by the security guards of AbdulQadir Gillani (Son of X PM Yousaf Raza Gillani) in DHA Lahore. The boy was riding a motobike and came close to the protocol of AbdulQadi. Guards shouted to move away he got his motorbike off the road and even then got a bullet in the head. He was shot in the head and died at the spot.

PTI leaders and workers from DHA Lahore #NA125 at this time came out to stand with the victim’s family in this difficult time. They took the body in front of Yousaf Raza house in DHA Y Block and protested their until the police promised to take action with in 1 hour.

A brave lady took pictures of Gillani’s protocol squad cars and even got hit by a police car with the Gillani protocol squad and made their way for escape. 

There is a report of an FIR filed, at first the FIR was filed against unknown people but after public pressure police had to file it against Abdulqadir Gillani. One security guard is also arrested. But the point is that does not address the core issue which is that these VIP security protocols and VIP culture is dangerous for the lives of common people of Pakistan. These so called politicians are supposed to work for the safety of the people. But they themselves are a threat to the very lives of the nation!
Protestors infront of Gillani Residence DHA with dead body
Raise your voice for justice in Pakistan. Lets play our rule to fix our country.

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Tweets about the murder

Tahir Malik