Tired of hearing misleading information on the mainstream TV channels?

We are sick of the propaganda against Imran Khan as if he is responsible for all the problems Pakistan is facing? We need to realize what is being done, what are the issues, who we are fighting against and what are the solutions.

For all these reasons our team at @iSupportPTI has decided to start a PTI Supporters live talk show: Voices of Change. We need to talk about real issues and most importantly solutions and how to achieve them. The whole nation especially Imran Khan’s workers need to unite and fight against nepotism and corruption at all levels.

Since it’s PTI government and we are PTI supporters does not mean we should claim that all-is-well in Pakistan. We know what is wrong and also the commitment of our leader Imran Khan.

Join the discussion panel

We will form a discussion panel for the live talk show “Voices of Change” – the panel will select the topics to be discussed. If you want to join our team of panelists you may fill the following form and we will invite you for a meeting to share your ideas and topics you want to discuss.

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