Jagga Tax on Mobile Phones Calling Card is over

Latest Update: CJP remark deduct Rs. 8 or shut down companies.

I never imagined something like this, but many unimaginable things are happening in Pakistan these days. Like Nawaz Sharif saying, I am in a fight with Aliens weird right.

Well CJP Saqib Nisar has just taken a sou moto action on mobile companies for deducting so much money as tax from mobile balance recharges. Mobile companies are currently imposing below listed taxes on subscribers. Withholding tax and federal excise duty.

Faisal Javed Khan also raised his voice in Senate during the budget session about this issue.

Calculation of WHD+FED for a day in Lahore

Let me explain to you what these 2 means. Withholding tax is imposed to every subscriber at the source, which means if I buy a 100 rupees card mobile companies will deduct 12.5 % of 100 Rs directly even if I qualify for that much WHT or not.

2 out of 10 people are not eligible for so much withholding tax because they just don’t earn much and federal excise tax which is 17 % is directly imposed by our 1 and only federal government.

Let’s just say both of these taxes which are (WHT+ FED = 20 Rs.) which directly go into the Country treasury. Let’s just imagine that every day in Lahore 5,000,000 Rs mobile recharge cards are sold and 20% of 5,000,000 Rs which is 1,000,000 Rs deducted and it 5,000,000 Rs which is 1,000,000 Rs deducted and it directly goes into the federal governments pocket.

That is 365,000,000Rs a year just from Lahore.

If this is not robbing the people I don’t know what is. These are just calculations I did and all this doesn’t include the kickbacks the so-called mobile companies. These taxes were firstly imposed in Zardari’s government and after that, it’s still in effect in Nawaz government.

Currently, mobile companies are deducting 40% as total tax from a 100 rupees worth of mobile balance recharge and have never explained why?

Not Anymore

Well, now they have to because CJP is out for Justice and Justice he shall provide. Now all mobile companies in Pakistan will come under the Supreme Courts eye and these untouchable companies will have to answer the Supreme Courts questions. Gone are the days when big companies could get away with slaughtering the public with technical tactics.

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I am with the Supreme Court at every point. I thank the Honorable Justices for bringing these companies in the courtroom to answer. Please, people, pray for the health of Hon’ble Justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and for Allah to give them strength in the days to come.

inshaAllah Pakistan will prosper and reach unimaginable heights.

Allah Hafiz
Mudasar Hussain