Senior PPPP Leader, former law minister senator Babar Awan resigned from his senate seat to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf today. Babar Awan announced his joining today in a press conference at his residence where senior PTI leaders and Imran Khan was present.

Its time to join the real opposition. Babar Awan

I welcome Babar Awan sons first as they joined the party before him. I remember Abdullah Babar came to see me in the container during Islamabad Dharna and donated for the cause. Imran Khan

We welcome Babar Awan in PTI and look forward to see him in action as he was already assisting Imran Khan and PTI in various cases in Supreme Court including the Panama Case. While the old party leaders would say see Imran Khan accepted someone from us so how can he bring change. That is an acceptance that these parties are corrupt from top to bottom and even if someone wants to do any good to this country can not because their leadership is corrupt. While PTI leader Imran Khan is leading the party with his own example. The top most leader is Imran Khan and he is the driving force who is not corrupt. He is the one who is giving this platform to all Pakistanis whoever wants to come and participate in this struggle for the supremacy of law, not Imran Khan!

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