As we know PTI party elections in Islamabad got delayed because of issues with the membership database. PTI released a press release recently accepting problematic database. Lets discuss what is wrong and how to fix.

  1. PTI did not place any check to confirm originality & check duplication while adding a new member.
  2. There were multiple methods to add members and they were not synced together.
  3. After collecting all the data, from multiple sources (SMS, Web, Manual Registration Forms), the compilation and synchronization of the member database started at the end.
  4. In order to make big score everyone wanted to make more and more members without caring about originality and duplication.
  5. Groups within PTI used this membership drive to register fake members using the voter lists provided by election commission.
  6. Multiple segments of the party (ISF, Youth, Women Wing, UC Officials etc.) were making members without coordinating with each other.

We reported all above issues in greater detail to many PTI officials but they were just too happy to get so many members without considering the duplicates and fakes.

It’s quite a mess in the membership lists and the best method would have been to keep the database clean in the first place and not creating a mess and then worry about cleaning it. Most importantly its time PTI should take tough decisions and kick out some trouble makers from the party. Even if someone is at a high position in the party or was the first worker of the party. If the first worker of the party today is insecure about his/her designation and powers in the party and trying to manipulate elections, should be punished.

It’s a good sign that party delayed the election and looking into the issues with membership lists. I am hopeful that they will do something about it.