PTI is facing challenges within and from outside. If we become stronger from the inside we can face any challenge from the outside. Imran Khan has a vision for PTI but sadly some fail to follow it. Party elections was not a new idea, it is Imran Khan’s vision ever since he started PTI. On a question to Imran Khan that why he announced party elections in 2013 he replied that earlier party was not big enough for elections, he added that at times party only had handful of people sitting in just one room. Anyhow when Imran Khan announced elections they were not accepted by everyone in the party. A majority of PTI leadership said that Khan will never be able to hold the party elections. For them it was not possible in Pakistan and Imran Khan was just not serious about it. However Imran Khan kept pushing on the membership drive and after many delays the party election was held just because of the commitment of Imran Khan and his vision.

I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that those who were handling the membership drive, members database, and organized the party elections were largely responsible for the failure of party elections and duplication of membership records and bogus memberships. Amazingly its only Imran Khan who can accept mistakes. I have never seen any other PTI leader coming forward to accept his mistake or error.

Its not because of the party elections that PTI is divided today. Its because of a manipulated and rigged party elections. If we have to make this party an institution, we need to have a system and rule of law in the party. Its not an easy task, but since Imran Khan is doing it we are pretty sure that he will accomplish it despite how big the challenges are.

VIDEO: What is going to happen in PTI on 19th March 2015

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[/tw_video]The video is recorded from a meeting held at Insaf House Lahore discussing party organization and challenges. Many party officials and workers were present at the discussion where everyone had a chance to speak and share their opinion with others. Main speakers were Waleed Iqbal, Abdul Qayyum Khan Kundi, Muhammad Madni, and others.

The main goal for the meeting was to start organizing workers for the next intra party elections. As per the audit report of previous intra party elections by Justice Wajeh-ud-din the current elected members are to lose their positions on 18th March and a new intra party elections are to be announced.

I agree with Insaf House Lahore moto to build the system / organization rather than depending on individuals. We invite all Insafians to step up and participate fully in the upcoming intra-party elections and take your positions for your party and our goal to change Pakistan.