After a long time we get to see how a real government works, thank you PTI KPK Gov. All we knew about governance is appointing relatives on top positions,  making money in roads and bridges construction contracts,  appointing police officers of choice and a lot of other things unlike KPK government has done in its very first term in KPK.

whistle blower act is a perfect example of the governance. Making laws to protect public and national interests.  Governance is not about building roads.  Whistle blower act will prove to be a big milestone in eliminating corruption from government departments.  It allows people to identify corruption in any department and get 30% as a reward for all the money record from a scam.

Imran Khan about new laws in KPK including Whistle Blower Act

This video is not recent, PTI has been working on Whistle Blower Act from long and finally its passed and implemented now. We congratulate Chairman PTI Imran Khan for showing us real example of governance.

After depoliticizing Kpk police,  giving high-tech management system to Kpk education,  starting reforms in the health sector,  local governance system, whistleblower act is another step towards Naya Kpk which is setting examples for the whole country.

Imran Khan Tweets about Whistle Blower Act in KPK