The people online are largely the educated class of PAKISTAN. There are students, professionals, businessmen and people having access to more facilities than others in society. These people matter and their opinion matters. That is a reason that social media is very loud in expressing their opinion online. Which differs with mainstream media and certain so called self proclaimed journalists who are actually just opportunistic and get benefit of situations.

Social media is a proof that Pakistani people are all eyes and watching everyday happenings and reacting to them.

Whereas mainstream media is commercial and requires large sum of money to run their operations. They are under influence of local and international establishments and put forward their agenda in one way or the other.

With the boom of social media Where everyone has voice and people can communicate directly without the Need of any commercial medium. With it’s boom mainstream is now forced to protect and prevail it’s opinions and mindset in the public. For which they run special media cells having teams to spread online their desired information. They run fake public profiles, disguised as very Islamic and patriotic personalities and would make comments supporting certain agendas.

All other political parties have dedicated social media cells with paid people to work for them. PTI is the only party who only works with volunteers on the social media and most of the people are working on their own without any party assistance or guidance. The only guideline provided to the PTI supporters is that they should speak with logic and never use abusive words.

I know PTI social media officials which work as a team online from different locations. Although We should but it’s not in my knowledge if PTI social media has any designated roof under which they manage things online. Mainly PTI social media team is sharing the news and updates of the party activities and only managing official accounts. All other PTI pages and websites etc are managed by volunteers and supporters. These are never initiated, managed or organized by officials.

We are proud the educated class which is certainly more aware and can do better analysis of the situation in PAKISTAN support PTI and Imran Khan.

Instead of blaming PTI for pushing anti Judicial commission opinion online, mainstream media should admit and accept that the people online reject and protest against ongoing injustice and failure of gov to run by rules and laws itself.

There is a saying in Urdu perfect for the situation.

الٹا چور کوتوال کو ڈانٹے

It’s fact but mainstream media will not tell you this. So share it with others.