Seeing the corruption, lawlessness and failure of the present government, many of the youth including myself, had become indifferent towards the political scenario in Pakistan, deeming it hopeless. The only problem with that approach is that we Pakistanis, especially the youth, do not have the luxury to be apathetic towards the rulers and condition of the country. We cannot turn a blind eye towards it and say that it does not matter because it does matter.

Our future is linked with the future of Pakistan. If Pakistan prospers, we prosper, if it fails, we fail as a nation.

How can we give carte blanche to these rulers to plunder and exploit our country, our people and our resources? Who gave them the right to force Pakistanis to new levels of poverty, unemployment and desperation so that Pakistanis are forced to commit suicide and sell their children?

Why Should We Trust Imran Khan?

After observing the actions of all political parties who have been given mandate by the people (although 44% of the electoral votes are fake), it can be concluded that these parties have failed to deliver their promises of prosperity and rule of law for Pakistan. Out of this dark abyss of desperation, a ray of light emerged for the people of Pakistan in the form of Imran Khan and his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Imran Khan is the man who has always made Pakistan proud of his achievements and has always fulfilled his promises to the nation. Do we need to be reminded of Pakistan’s World Cup 1992 win, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, and Namal University? As if these achievements were not enough, Imran Khan embarked on a journey to rid his country of corruption and lawlessness sixteen years ago. He struggled alone for many years of his political journey and many people ridiculed him of being a failure in politics until a day came when Pakistani people realized that this man is speaking the truth after they were disillusioned by the actions of their elected parties. Then, many leaders from the same “established parties” started to join him when they saw the trust and love of Pakistanis for Imran Khan and their belief that only Imran Khan and PTI are capable of bringing honest and positive in the country.

Why shouldn’t we give a chance to a leader who is known for his honesty, integrity and hard work in any sphere of life, be it sports, charity work, educational field, or politics?

No to Status Quo

Imran Khan has never been accused of corruption as opposed to these status quo parties in power, whose corruption is noted by regulatory agencies in and outside Pakistan. Would you rather support status quo parties who are responsible for looting the country and making Pakistanis die every day over a leader who has done only positive things for Pakistan?

Not hungry for power

If you hear Imran Khan’s speeches carefully, you will observe that he never talks about himself, he always talks about the people of Pakistan. If he were hungry for power, he would have made an alliance with any one of the status quo parties in power but he preferred to stay away from them because he wants to bring positive change in Pakistan and rid us of the evils of these parties which include inflation, terrorism, deaths and lawlessness on a daily basis.

Now or never!

This is a now or never situation for Pakistan. We can’t wait for another 5 or 10 years for someone else to bring change as it might be too late then. We simply can’t survive the humiliation anymore. Imran Khan is all set to change Pakistan and his agenda, ambition and motives are very clear.

101% Democratic

Most importantly, he is keeping PTI open and democratic and not becoming a King of the party. So let’s respond positively to the call of our leader as described below and bring PTI’s revolution in Pakistan.

Imran Khan Invites Everyone To Join PTI Revolution

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