Who will be the next PTI chairman, Imran Khan made the big announcement. In a recent interview when Khan Sahab was asked the question if he is disqualified. Imran Khan has never been a public office holder and we think there are no grounds to disqualify him. However, Imran Khan gave an answer to the question.

If I am disqualified I will continue my struggle for Pakistan and the next PTI Chairman will be elected by the intra-party election. PTI will become an institution and a pure democratic party. Said, Imran Khan

There is no next-to-kin of Imran Khan to be the next chairman PTI. It is not a family party and the party will be governed with the internal party elections which will make the party an institution.

Imran Khan is larger than life. Naeem Bukhari

We as PTI supporters are here because of Imran Khan. In fact, PTI is all Imran Khan and it will be him forever who will remain the identity of PTI.  So there is actually no replacement for him. We pray for his long life and that he succeeds in completing his mission to make Naya Pakistan. Just like all his previous dreams which came true.

Lastly, the enemies of Imran Khan can never make him quit from pursuing the corrupt politicians sucking Pakistanis blood and making assets abroad. There is no escape for them.