Dr. Shahid Masood’s revelations on Zainab case

The breaking news yesterday was the arrest of Zainab’s murderer named Imran Ali who is a neighbour of the rape and murder victim. The whole nation wants to see this brutal killer made an example so that no other Zainab should ever suffer. The news broke on the media channels of the arrest of the killer, the DNA was matched and also a confessional statement has been made by the arrested. Later in the evening CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif announced this great achievement in a press conference and was jubilant over the performance of his team.

CM press conference to celebrate his achievement was shameful as Zainab is already dead along with hundreds other abused in Kasur

CM along with his team laughed, clapped and celebrated this arrest heartlessly. And the nation felt it just like Zainab’s family was feeling at that time. The worst part was when Shehbaz Sharif himself turned off the mic of Zainab’s father and didn’t allow him to continue speaking to the media.

That’s how people are reacting on Shehbaz Sharif press conference

When Shehbaz Sharif turned off Zainab’s father mic and forced him to get up

People saying the size, age, and looks of the killer do not match with that of the real killer seen in the ccTV footage

This morning social media is filled with suspicions and doubts about the arrest made. They are questioning Shehbaz Sharif celebrating the arrest after the serial killer had killed 8 girls? Why can’t he fix the police so that such incidents could be avoided rather than getting number of people killed. Besides if media and public would not have reacted to this incident then there would not have been any notice and action by the CM.

Who resemble more with the killer of CCTV footage, the DPO or the arrested Imran Ali?

Such images are circulating the social media today

More also people are comparing Imran Ali’s picture with that of the ccTV footage of the killer taking away Zainab. They don’t resemble much and all sorts of voices can be heard about it. Some people are thinking that punjab government has framed someone else to get away with this case or may be a high profile person is being protected. Or just to satisfy the people they have framed someone to show their performance. Everything is possible when its PMLN’s government.