Those we love don’t go away..they walk beside us every single day..unseen, unheard but always near…still loved and still missed…

Javed Zartaj Gul's brother

Javed Zartaj Gul’s brother

It’s been 7 years today since Javed died but I m sure what I know of you, you hold something in my heart that no one else does. May Allah give you the highest of the levels of Jannah.
Martyred 7 years to this day in Moon Market blast, Javaid Alam Khan Wazir Shaheed was my younger brother.

Upon Javaid’s martyrdom, my father instructed me to join politics, to work ardently for PTI, to do my bit for making Naya Pakistan – a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

I have joined active politics because I don’t want young innocents sons of the country dying, families bereaving their loved ones.

I believe Imran Khan is the last hope of our sweet country, and Pakistan’s fortunes would go sky high when he becomes the Prime Minister. Thinking of you and your youth,you might have grown old,could have enjoyed every bit of were so spiritually strong and strange that babies and birds use to love you. Picking up you and putting you in the coffin and taking you was not a responsibility or liability,cause living angel at that time on earth and his foundation!eidhi foundation!did everything for us. Embracing you and greeting the young shaheed of the area,everyone was there for you.But we couldn’t show you as bomb blast do a lot of justice with flesh and bones..But ur coffin opened itself,u gave ur gawahi yourself,thousands of people witnessed you as sleeping as beautiful in ur coffin the way you were.But me and my brother know how we found you.Miracle does happen.U never hurt anyone when you were alive.the best of the human being.So why wouldn’t divine give you a miracle when you and hundreds of people were killed without sin or crime by a suicide bomber. I believe that every time we loose something,it takes some part of our heart.when we lost doubt I lost a big part of my can’t be fill.Ur memory don’t fade fact it has turned into a constant pain.But that’s how I like to keep u.

U will not come back.But one day we will come to death is has to pay the toll.Which is death.until then… Love you.miss u..
To the worst of my enemies shouldn’t have such loss and pain.ameen

Originally published by Zartaj Gul on her Facebook Page