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1112, 2017

Zartaj Gul shares her heart touching story of joining PTI for a special mission

Upon Javaid's martyrdom, my father instructed me to join politics, to work ardently for PTI, to do my bit for making Naya Pakistan - a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

2511, 2017

Complete Media Blackout in Pakistan

PMLN is the other name for disaster in Pakistan. Today is another dark day in the history of Pakistan. The incompetent, sluggish and corrupt government failed the people of Pakistan once again. Their priorities are crystal clear for the nation, the greed for wealth and power has made them completely blind.

911, 2017

Now what the opponents will call PTI? A rural or an urban party?

PTI today is the only national political front. People from all segments of our society, ethnic groups, religions and age groups are supporting Imran Khan for Change in Pakistan. People living in rural areas are the ones most affected with all sorts of crisis in Pakistan. From power shortages to health, education and economic situation, they are facing the worst case. It's a complete revolt and we challenge everyone still not moved to step up for Pakistan that it's our time for a revolution.

3010, 2017

30 October 2011 – The Day Which Changed the Course of Pakistan Politics

30th October 2011 was indeed a remarkable day, a day which changed Pakistan politics. The day which gave us hope to win against the criminals. It showed us the real leader of Pakistan and his commitment to free Pakistan from the chains of corruption, dishonesty, and crime.

2910, 2017

I am not fighting against politicians but a mafia – Imran Khan’s complete speech at Mandi Bahaudin

Must watch this speech to understand what Imran Khan and PTI are fighting against and how to defeat them. Imran Khan's complete speech at Mandi Bahaudin

2910, 2017

Noor Zaman who gave proofs of Ayesha Gulalai’s corruption shot dead in Lakki Marwat

The murder appears to be a case of revenge and to silence Noor Zaman's voice against Ayesha Gulalai. We condemn this inhumane act and pray for the family of deceased. Noor Zaman's murder is a test for the KPK police which is free from any political interference to find the people behind this murder and bring them to justice.

2610, 2017

What is going on with Amir Liaquat? Is he joining PTI or Not?

Ever since Imran Ismail and Faisal Javed Khan announced Amir Liaquat joining PTI, a debate started in PTI supporters if he should be a part of PTI or not. Insafians were divided on this issue as a large number of people were strongly opposing Amir Liaquat joining PTI. A few even announced to leave the party if Amir Liaquat is to join it. Some were also in favor of him to join PTI and he could be a good spokesperson to handle propaganda specialists of PMLN and other like-minded parties. Amir Liaquat did not show up at the press conference today and said it's his own decision when and what to do. Someone said Amir Liaquat is trying to break a [...]

2510, 2017

Dictators VS Democratic Rulers

You would often hear from Pmln spokespersons blaming dictators for all the crisis Pakistan is facing. Also accusing military establishment backing PTI and judiciary in cases against Sharif family after Sharif family concealed assets were exposed in Panama Leaks. I am a supporter of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and obviously I stand for democracy but real one. PTI is the only party which has never been a part of any dictatorship. Mr. Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain are among many who were introduced in politics by military dictators. Pakistan is fighting the war of its existence since 1947. Quaid e Azam warned about grave dangers we face as our enemies want to eliminate us. After Quaid we had a gap [...]

1710, 2017

KPITB Achievements in KPK that will surprise you

Technology changing the lives of KPK - watch out the projects and initiatives of KPITB making a difference for the people

1610, 2017

Who will be the next PTI chairman, Imran Khan made the big announcement.

Who will be the next PTI chairman, Imran Khan made the big announcement. In a recent interview when Khan Sahab was asked the question if he is disqualified. Imran Khan has never been a public office holder and we think there are no grounds to disqualify him. However, Imran Khan gave an answer to the question.

1410, 2017

Meet PTI’s hidden gem Barrister Maleeka Bokhari

Maleeka is part of the PTI legal team which fought for us in Supreme Court against the whole government machinery and propaganda. We congratulate Maleeka and all others in the legal team who worked tirelessly and made history.

1110, 2017

Zardari rightly worried about his future if Imran Khan comes to power

So far both Nawaz and Zardari have been scratching each others back. Sometimes openly and at critical moments secretly. Both PPP and PMLN once rivals have joined hands to safeguard their corruption and save themselves from the rising Imran Khan. And we think they are rightly worried about it.

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