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1710, 2017

KPITB Achievements in KPK that will surprise you

Technology changing the lives of KPK - watch out the projects and initiatives of KPITB making a difference for the people

1610, 2017

Who will be the next PTI chairman, Imran Khan made the big announcement.

Who will be the next PTI chairman, Imran Khan made the big announcement. In a recent interview when Khan Sahab was asked the question if he is disqualified. Imran Khan has never been a public office holder and we think there are no grounds to disqualify him. However, Imran Khan gave an answer to the question.

1410, 2017

Meet PTI’s hidden gem Barrister Maleeka Bokhari

Maleeka is part of the PTI legal team which fought for us in Supreme Court against the whole government machinery and propaganda. We congratulate Maleeka and all others in the legal team who worked tirelessly and made history.

1110, 2017

Zardari rightly worried about his future if Imran Khan comes to power

So far both Nawaz and Zardari have been scratching each others back. Sometimes openly and at critical moments secretly. Both PPP and PMLN once rivals have joined hands to safeguard their corruption and save themselves from the rising Imran Khan. And we think they are rightly worried about it.

1010, 2017

Stand united and say NO to groups within PTI – says Imran Khan

Leaders never make groups within the party - they work on their vision - Imran Khan politely discrediting all PTI groups and showing them the way of politics. It is for the PTI supporters and workers to understand that we don't have to follow or part of any group instead only work for the party under Imran Khan Leadership.

710, 2017

Get to know Fawad Ch. more in honestly with Siasat.pk

Siasat.pk introduces a more casual and friendly mode of an interview with politicians. It's fun to watch Fawad Ch. opinions about the questions asked to him.

710, 2017

You will forget Panama Case after finding details on Habib Bank NewYork

Amir Mateen giving details of Habib Bank NewYork. The case has put Pakistani banking industry at risk. The bank money trail is linked with Terrorist organizations. The Habib Bank NewYork branched was used for money laundering and illegal financial activities. Completely done out of the books.

610, 2017

DG ISPR Complete press conference, answers critical questions

DG ISPR complete press conference explaining the security, political and economic conditions of the country. Imminent threats Pakistan is facing right now and also answered many critical questions from journalists including if army is involved in Pakistan politics. If Army is going for a martial law.

410, 2017

Sheikh Rashid gives final warning to PMLN of serious consequences if the oath to finality of Prophet Muhammad (SWS) not reverted

Shocking and very unexpected move from PMLN to remove Khatm-i-Naboowat clause. Sheikh Rashid warns PMLN gov of serious consequences if its not reversed.

210, 2017

Can #PTI #Sialkot unite to defeat the opponents?

Lack of unity among PTI leadership is also demoralizing party workers who are the biggest asset of PTI. Party members, workers, and voters are selfless and when they see leadership divided they lose hope and confidence in the party.

3009, 2017

Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) – The Most Beloved of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS)

Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS), the most beloved of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS), is making us short of the words. The biggest sacrifice in the history of mankind by anyone solely for upholding Allah's orders. Although we are short of words today, we want to bring to your attention an important aspect of Imam Hussain (AS). That he is the most beloved of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS).

2809, 2017

Khawaja Saad Rafique punished on Twitter for calling Ishaq Dar a pious and honest man

Ishaq Dar who has been indicted for owning assets more than his income in the accountability court. People were demanding his quick resignation. But Khawaja Saad Rafique tweeted in his favor calling him a pious and just man. Thousands of people thrashed Khawaja for his another falsified claim of honesty while the Supreme Court and Accountability Court have already declared Sharifs and their associates corrupt.

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